The Latest Breakthrough in Artificial Grass Cooling
Stay Even Cooler with TigerCool® Yarns!

Tiger Express Landscape now features TigerCool® heat reflective yarn technology on our Sierra, Diamond and Marquee Series of synthetic grass.

Engineered by Royal Tencate, a multinational company that develops space-age materials, TigerCool® yarns have proven to reduce turf surface temperatures by up to 30% or 17 degrees. This is achieved using a combination pigments that reflect heat and advanced ultraviolet inhibitors that greatly decrease the temperature of your artificial grass lawn.

The burning sun and record heat waves will no longer be a factor. Synthetic Grass by Tiger Express Landscape is now more comfortable than ever. Our TigerCool® grass lines are perfect for the following applications:

• Residential
• Commercial
• Municipal
• Recreational
• Parks and Playgrounds
• Sports Fields

Stay cool with TigerCool® and enjoy the benefits of a synthetic landscape today! Call Tiger Express Landscape to speak with our knowledgeable customer service staff.

Our TigerCool® Product Lines
Diamond Light Fescue

Diamond Light Spring

Diamond Pro Fescue

Diamond Pro Spring


Marquee Natural

Marquee Pro

Marquee Pro Natural


Sierra Pro